Monthly Archives: February 2014

Bad Weather Continues

Over the last week the weather has done it’s best to destroy anything that had so far survived. Re:build have viewed a large number of jobs that require repairs due to the bad weather, a lot of which are caused by poor workmanship in the first place.
It is very important when getting a fence repaired or installed that you choose a company capable of producing a long-lasting end product.

Another part of peoples homes that really seems to be struggling with the weather is of course the roof. A poorly installed roof or gutter can cause a lot of serious internal problems including mould and damp. Please ensure you use a reputable company when repairing an existing roof or having a new roof installed.

Also this week Re:build have installed an impressive amount of lighting cables in a kitchen extension we have been working on. This is certainly the largest amount of lighting cables we have installed in one room, but I am sure the end result will be pretty special.





Repairing the damage!

After the damage caused by the recent weather Re:build have been inundated with fence and roof repairs. The weather really has caused a lot of damage to properties in the area, and with more bad weather forecast, now is the time to make sure your property is weather proof. Below are some pictures of a fence completed by Re:build today.